Marianne and Brian O'Connor

My children have attended school here for the last two years.  They absolutely love their teachers and all the friends they have made.  The small class size is perfect for one on one instruction while building social skills and self confidence.  We are so happy with how much our children have grown and how much they learn.

At the FJCC Nursery School, children grow and develop in a nurturing and stimulating environment.  Based on a multi-sensory integrated approach, each child develops confidence, independence and life-long friendships while gaining a strong academic foundation.


Our Mission

welcoming families of all faiths

Debbie and Daniel Duran

I am writing this recommendation because of the incredible experiences both of my children have had at the FJCC Nursery School.  After spending months researching different early learning centers for my first child, I knew I found something special when I visited the FJCC.  While evaluating a number of centers, my goal was to find a program that would provide my child with a strong academic foundation, enabling them to grow socially in a safe and caring environment.   What made the difference between the FJCC and other Pre-Schools were the people.   I can’t say enough good things about my children's teachers and the program director.  They not only care about the children, but they are committed to providing a world class education that ensures your child is enriched, prepared to enter elementary school and engaged with their peers. They continually work to enrich their programs with innovative ideas. In addition, they offer a music, dance and library program that is built into the curriculum They truly care not only for my child, but for my entire family.   

My children and family have built relationships that we know will last a lifetime! I will always be grateful to the FJCC teachers and staff.  I look forward to sending my son to the FJCC when he is ready for Pre-School!

Jodi and Jonathan Weitz

They love school.  This is the precious gift that has been given to our children.  For this, we thank the FJCC Nursery School.  In addition to the amazing teachers and beautiful facility, the school has a caring and nurturing environment where children flourish.  The FJCC Nursery School has given our kids a strong academic and social foundation.  We are truly grateful.  

FJCC Nursery